Black + White Photography

About Black + White Photography

Photography allows young artists to develop their own image of the world using black and white film and 35mm cameras. Our young photographers use Rayko Photo Center’s professional darkroom to develop and print their work. They learn the basics in Level I and hone their own artistic vision in Level II. Our young photographers have participated in the American Teenager Project, publishing their portraits with teens from around the country. They have exhibited and sold their work at Rayko Photo Center, the Children’s Creativity Museum, Asterisk Gallery, Adobe Books, Incline Gallery, and Z Space. Students have access to their own camera and develop film themselves, making prints during darkroom time at Rayko Photo Center.

FALL 2018

M/W @ YAX, 29 Howth St. 4-6PM

*The Photo class meets certain Saturday afternoons at Rayko.

With a 35mm camera in hand, your stories are revealed! In this class you learn to use 35mm film cameras to take meaningful and memorable black & white photos. On Saturdays, you’ll spend the afternoon at Rayko Photo Center to develop your photographs in professional darkroom.

Notable Projects

Our photographers are taking pictures all over the city and exhibiting in professional venues. Here are some of the highlights!

  • Digging In: YAX photographs San Francisco’s green spaces, City College of San Francisco Rosenburg Library 2017
  • We Have A Voice: Celebrating Youth Artists in San Francisco, City College of San Francisco Rosenburg Library 2016-2017
  • Portola Photo Project w/Nico Berry Mural, 2016
  • Zine publishing project, 2016
  • Food Access in San Francisco/Urban Gardening Study 2015
  • Mission Shift and Light Trail photography Supervisor Campos’ Office, 2015
  • Mission Shift: Invasion or Gentrification continued, Adobe Books, 2014
  • Mission Shift: Invasion or Gentrification Exhibit, Gallery X, 2014
  • Mission Shift: Invasion or Gentrification Exhibit, Incline Gallery, 2014
  • Photo + Print + Architecture + Fashion Exhibit, Children’s Creativity Museum, 2014
  • Mission Gentrification Documentary Project, 2014
  • Supervisor Yee’s Office, City Hall, Print & Photo Exhibit, 2014
  • Youth Arts Summit Bus Ads, 2014
  • ZSpace, 24 eyes, 12,000 words Photo Exhibit, 2013
  • Asterisk Gallery, Print & Photo Exhibit, 2013
  • Rayko Photo Center, Out of Site Photo Book, 2012

Project Gallery

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Richard Max GavrichLead Faculty

Richard Max Gavrich is an artist, writer, educator, and YAX alumnus. His work explores notions of identity, place and community through photographs, found objects, film, and video. Gavrich was the 2014 recipient of the Lugo Land Prize. His first monograph, Estraneo, published in 2015 by Edizioni del Bradipo, charted the Lowlands of Emilia-Romagna. He has exhibited at Museo San Rocco (Fusignano, Italy), the Ogden Museum of Southern Art (New Orleans, LA), Five Points Gallery (Torrington, CT), Rayko (San Francisco, CA), among others, and taught at Big Class New Orleans, Artseed, Real Art Ways, and Bard College.

Contact:max at youthartexchange dot org | Website:

Brisa AcevesTeaching Assistant

Brisa Aceves is a San Francisco based film photography enthusiast who works with  35mm, 120 medium format and instant films. By day, Brisa is a veterinary technician, RVT and supervisor at a 24 hour emergency and specialty referral practice here in San Francisco. Brisa is member of the Harvey Milk Photo Center, proud supporter and patron of Rayko Photo Center, and enjoys spending days off in the darkroom or out and about visiting collections one of San Francisco’s many museums.

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