Spring In Schools

Spring In School programming

Youth Art Exchange is excited to pilot in school classes at in several high schools around San Francisco during the fall and is continuing during the spring at Leadership High School, too. As arts education is being cut due to budging in most high schools around the county, Youth Art Exchange has begun partnering with high schools to provide our great, high quality programming during the school day starting this fall!  We are using this pilot as an opportunity to link school day and after school programming for youth in the performing arts. Stay tuned for more information about our school partners and schedule to see if you can get involved!

School Partners:

Leadership High School

Disciplines offered

Music – Percussion  + Performance When you think of your favorite music or song, you probably think first of the rhythm, the heartbeat that carries through the music. Most often this pulse is driven by the drumbeat, the percussion in the music. As a percussion student, you will gain experience in identifying and understanding different musical genres, their origins and cultural significance (Cuban, Brazilian, American Jazz, Pop Music and more). You will also learn general care and maintenance of percussion equipment and gain knowledge in how to teach basic percussion.