Spring Project Application: Emeryville Parklet Design/Build

Spring Project Enrollment Now Open!

Get $100 for your work on Emeryville’s first parklet in partnership with Farley’s Coffee.

We will process the applications on a first come, first serve basis. You will receive an automated reply when your application has been received.

Important Spring Project Dates: 

Saturdays: January 23rd (at Farley’s East in Oakland), January 30 (Emeryville Location TBD), February 6 (Emeryville Location TBD)
Spring Session Building: Building Days in April, Dates TBD
Ribbon Cutting: May, Date TBD

What is a parklet? 

A parklet is a small public sidewalk extension, usually extending two parking space lenths, that uses non-permanent materials (e.g., it is not concrete). It combines elements such as seating, trees, flowers, shrubs, umbrellas, bike parking or lighting that reflect the unique character and needs of the location.

YAX Architecture 

Reimagining the space around you, and actually creating something that shifts the way people interact in that space is an incredibly powerful process for anyone, and especially for young people who are often not given that opportunity or trusted with that responsibility. Consequently, the shape of our city often lacks the perspective of its newest generation. Our Architecture + Public Art program  empowers this next generation to act as leaders in shaping the built environment around them.