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We’d like to share Brenda’s story. She’s a student of ours in the Printmaking program and a great example of one of our excellent young artists. In 2000, we had a vision to provide a new model of high quality arts education to San Francisco public high school students like Brenda. A decade and a half later, we’re going strong as we spark a shared creative practice between professional artists and public high school students, furthering students as leaders, thinkers, and artists in San Francisco.

Over the past 15 years, Youth Art Exchange has grown steadily in scope and service to San Francisco public high school students. We have transitioned from being a small, neighborhood-based organization to now engaging students from across San Francisco in free, multi-disciplinary arts classes. Our values centered on creativity, empowerment, exchange, opportunity, and learning are at the core of who we are as a vibrant arts organization, and as a leader of youth arts in San Francisco.

We couldn’t be more excited to reach this milestone and look forward to the next 15! Give to Youth Art Exchange and join in the incredible community of young artists and exemplary programming that laces together the landscape of the arts of San Francisco. Please invest in these young leaders, thinkers, and artists by donating today.

Together in art,
Reed Davaz McGowan
Executive Director

“I have been enrolled in Youth Art Exchange since my freshman year and am currently the teaching assistant for the printmaking class. Every semester, we collaboratively come up with a theme in which we choose to derive our inspiration from to produce our prints. By designing, creating, and installing prints in public spaces and having public art exhibitions to display our work, we hope to bring more awareness to our program and our community art projects.

Art is about freedom of expression and many times in print, a strong graphic with a message behind it. We can work collectively to produce powerful images that reflect the social conditions of our time that engage viewers, change opinions, and inspire action. Enrolling in Youth Art Exchange and participating in the printmaking class have inspired me to continue delving deeper to learn more about the impact art has on a community and the history of printmaking in politics and its effects. I definitely want to pursue printmaking in college to discover more techniques and styles of art from other artists around the world. Someday, I would love to be a printmaking teacher and have a class of my own.”

–Brenda Gutierrez, Senior at Burton High School
YAX printmaker since freshman year

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