Formerly known as Out of Site Youth Arts Center, Youth Art Exchange was founded in 2000 by architect Beth Rubenstein and visual artist Jennifer Stuart. At the time, the two women were faculty at independent schools and discovered a common desire to both strengthen the type of arts education available and to provide public high school students with high quality, interdisciplinary arts learning.

From 2000-2013, founding executive director Beth Rubenstein led the organization as it grew in scope and size.  From piloting one course to now serving more than 300 students annually in addition to over 2000 through special events, Youth Art Exchange has become a citywide arts institution transforming arts at the high school level. In 2013 after Beth left Youth Art Exchange to continue leading local arts initiatives, the organization hired new executive director Reed Davaz McGowan.

In 2014, the new name and brand, Youth Art Exchange, were developed to better encompass our work and its support of both faculty and students in a mutually inspiring, creative relationship.