Our students have great things to say about their experiences at Youth Art Exchange from learning technical skills to build confidence to creating a supportive community.

Here’s our Youth Advisory Board Member, Yma Airaghi, sharing her views on the importance of the real world projects at Youth Art Exchange.

“This project [the Ocean Avenue Parklet] is important to me, and everyone here at Youth Art Exchange, because our purpose is about making our community a better place through art. Through our classes here at Youth Art Exchange we not only encourage youth in their own personal means of a medium, but also how that medium can be put to use to convey bigger messages and change. Youth are constantly looking for job opportunities, so why not give them useful skills or a creative outlet in the process?

We thought we’d share a few from our student’s final evaluations, too:

“I learned how to operate new software programs like Final Cut pro and how to use and set up equipment needed when filming. Also, I got insight on what the digital media & filming business is like.”

“The Youth Art Exchange program taught me to be confident.”

“Youth Art Exchange taught me that there are many different forms of art, which allows everyone to express themselves in their own creative way.”

“There is so much more to being an artist and a photographer than just knowing how to shoot and what looks good. Most art takes real time and effort in order to be accomplished and many people work hard to get to where they are. If you truly love doing something, you should try to find ways to continue to do it no matter what.”

“I learned how to successfully express ideas and communicate my emotions.”