“Every student I have ever spoken with, who has been a part of Youth Art Exchange, has always expressed how much they enjoyed and learned through their experience. I know that for many it has helped to strengthen their belief in themselves that they are creative and intelligent individuals. For others it has provided a sanctuary. And for some it has given them a chance to be visionary leaders in their own communities.”

– Jeff Larson
Art Department Chair, Visual and Performing Arts Department at Balboa High School; CTE ICT/Arts, Media, Entertainment Pathways Coordinator, SFUSD office of Curriculum and Instruction

Rooted in San Francisco, Youth Art Exchange’s focus on arts at the high school level engages public high school students and professional artists from across the city in contributing to the artistic and cultural vibrancy of San Francisco. Through high quality programs, Youth Art Exchange’s impact is unmatched for multidisciplinary visual, performing, and technical arts.

In numbers, Youth Art Exchange youth are incredibly diverse, representing 6 different first languages, and multiple ethnic and cultural backgrounds including: 25% Latino/a, 25% Chinese-American, 11% other Asian-American, 7% Black, 1% Middle Eastern-American, 14% Multi-racial, and 17% White youth. The majority of our students come from working-class backgrounds and qualify for free/reduced lunches through SFUSD. Students from any San Francisco public high school can join Youth Art Exchange, and they do – representing most high schools across the city.

Schools attended by Youth Art Exchange students

Graduation Rates previous 3 years

  • Youth Art Exchange Graduation rate: 100%; San Francisco Graduation rate: 82.2%
  • Youth Art Exchanges College Going rate: 100%; San Francisco’s College Going rate: 78% of those graduating students

Recent Youth Art Exchange Results
For more comprehensive results, please contact Youth Art Exchange. We wanted to share with you some highlighted results for our students- both for those that intend to pursue the arts and those that will transfer what they’ve learned here to other applications. Don’t forget to check out our testimonials, too!

  • 57% intend to have an art & design related career
  • 88% of students state that they have learned an arts-related skills set that will help their future career and schooling
  • 97% of students feel that Youth Art Exchange helps them to apply their imagination in a creative way
  • 97% of students feel that Youth Art Exchange helps them improve their ability to express themselves
  • 80% of students feel that Youth Art Exchange helps them improve skills of observation
  • 88% of students feel that Youth Art Exchange gives them opportunities to judge their work in relations to standards in the field (for example, the work of professional architects, musicians, etc.)