YAX + SF youth get a boost with grants from the California Arts Council

The California Arts Council announced its plans to award three grants to Youth Art Exchange through its Arts Education and Artists in Communities program, which include:

  • $17,100 as part of its Arts Education: Extension program
  • $15,300 as part of its Arts Education: Engagement program
  • $13,500 as part of its Artists in Communities program

Artists are integral to healthy communities, and the arts are a societal cornerstone that bring people together, build community, and foster social progress. The Artists in Communities program supports artistic residencies by centralizing artists and their artistic processes as vehicles for community vitality. Funded projects are artist-driven and engage community members as active participants.

Arts Education: Extension Program
In partnership with John O’Connell High School’s Construction Arts Program, Youth Art Exchange will offer year round industrial and product architectural design classes focusing on the design and build of small-scale pieces and an advanced architecture firm class for the design and build of public art projects.

Arts Education: Engagement Program
Youth Art Exchange will partner with SFUSD schools to deliver arts programming during the school day, engaging San Francisco public high school students in exemplary arts education in visual and performing arts.

Artists in Communities Program
We are excited to launch xSpace, a community arts hub, in the Excelsior neighborhood of San Francisco. Through this project, we will engage our faculty of artists in developing immersive and interactive installations for community members of all ages.

“This support from the California Arts Council is critical to our success in engaging public high school students in exemplary arts programming in school and after school, and through the Artists in Communities Program, this engagement will extend to community members throughout the Excelsior community while providing our faculty artists with resources to exhibit their own work.” – Reed Davaz McGowan, Executive Director, Youth Art Exchange

Grants totaling $16,376,475 have been awarded to nonprofit organizations and units of government across California, the California Arts Council announced today. A total of 1,080 grants will be disbursed to fund work in alignment with the values of the California Arts Council, heralding the arts as a societal cornerstone that unites and builds community, and embracing diversity as a source of vibrancy for the state of California. Read more about the programs and awardees here!

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