Now enrolling for Fall!

Apply *now* for Youth Art Exchange’s free arts classes! This Fall, we’re offering classes in Architecture, Black & White Photography, Music Production, Filmmaking, Fashion Design, and Printmaking – free to San Francisco public high school students.

Fall semester students showcase their work at the 7th Annual San Francisco Youth Arts Summit, the largest gathering of teen artists in San Francisco!

Classes start on Monday, September 11 and fill up fast, so enroll early!

Check out our Fall 2017 classes:

Learn how to design and construct projects from start to finish. You will come up with concepts individually and as a class, refine your designs, and build prototypes in partnership with John O’Connell High School’s Building, Construction, and Trades Lab.

Design and construct projects in San Francisco like a professional architecture firm. You will come up with concepts individually and as a class, have experts review your designs, and build them for clients. **Instructor approval required**

Explore black + white photography by learning how cameras work, going on photoshoots, and developing your own prints in a professional darkroom.

Work with professional DJ software and equipment to make your own beats, sample music, and perform/DJ.

Design and sew your own original fashion pieces + clothing. Learn to use sewing machines, hand stitch, and work with different fabrics and dyes.

Learn to write, direct, and edit your own short films as well as collaborate with other students to tell their stories. We will learn all aspects of film production like screenwriting, pre-production, cinematography, directing, sound design, animation, and editing. At the end of the semester we will have a film festival to show off all of our films.

Create your own graphics to print on t-shirts, material, and paper. Replicate your ideas, designs, and drawings in a professional printshop.

enroll here

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