You + YAX youth: popcorn, printmaking, percussion, paychecks

Double your ♡ of YAX!

Low income students who are highly engaged in the arts are more than twice as likely to graduate college as their peers with no arts education. – Americans for the Arts

YAX engages these public high school students in the arts, when most of their schools have limited arts programming. In some cases, YAX infuses arts learning directly into the school day at schools without art programs. In a year, YAX reaches 350 students and 4000 audience members.

During the month of June, we’re focusing on raising money for our exemplary youth arts programs. For 4 weeks, 45 youth interns from San Francisco public high schools will get together as artists: makers, performers, and presenters. Our Advisory Board has pledge to match the first $2500 raised during this campaign! We only have two weeks left! Show your ♡ and turn your $10 donation into $20, $50 into $100, or $100 into $200! If 250 people donate $10, we’ll meet our goal!

Here are some examples of what we turn your donations into:

$10 = popcorn supplies

Every day, we provide meals and snacks for our students – they love popcorn! Your $10 donation gets us a month’s worth of popcorn making supplies.

$30 = large silkscreen

This summer, we have a dozen printmaking interns, each exploring and honing their craft for 35 hours a week! They learn about the histories, applications, and process of screenprinting, etching, and relief printing. For each $30 contribution, we’re able to purchase one silkscreen.

$50 = film editing software

YAX’s 12 filmmaking interns have been busy learning about shot composition, camera operation, sound design, film direction, acting, screenwriting, and more. This week, they’ll begin turning all of the footage they’ve produced into films ready for the big screen! $50 pays for one monthly license for film editing software.

$100 = new keyboard for YAX’s percussion ensemble

Our percussion ensemble explores musical traditions reflective of the African Diaspora and Latin America including Cuban Bomba y Plena, Brazilian Bloco, Haitian Percussion, and more. Your $100 donation supports the purchase of a new keyboard for their performances!

$250 = guest artist workshop for summer interns

In addition to the wonderful faculty artists that lead our interns each day over the course of the month, YAX is fortunate to have acclaimed guest artists join us on a weekly basis. $250 covers the cost of their multi-part workshops.

$425 = internship stipend for one student

Across our four summer disciplines, YAX has a total of 40 interns. Each one spends the month learning new skills, working alongside practicing artists, and getting paid for their creativity! They’re offered a $425 stipend at the end of their session.

$600 = reclaimed wood for parklet

YAX’s architecture interns are working on the Mission District’s newest parklet, to be installed at John O’Connell High School later this year. The parklet is a mixture of fabricated and vintage materials, including gorgeous reclaimed wood benches! Your $600 donation offsets the cost of acquiring and re-finishing the reclaimed wood.

♡ Show your love – donate here. ♡

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