We got the grant(s)!

Youth Art Exchange is honored to receive ongoing support from the California Arts Council through its Artists Activating Communities, Artists In Schools, and Professional Development and Consulting grant programs! With these grants, CAC affords YAX more opportunities to expand our program offerings, build capacity as an organization, and foster connection, exchange, and creativity in YAX’s youth, teaching artists, and community.

In our newest community-based program expansion, with the Artists Activating Communities grant, YAX will partner with musician and lead artist Alfie Macias to provide free percussion and dance classes to the Mission neighborhood of San Francisco, activating park space in the heart of the Mission, and inviting community members to fight gentrification through learning the historic, cultural arts of the neighborhood.

With support from the California Arts Council’s Professional Development and Consulting grant, Youth Art Exchange will send two key staff to the 2017 Conference for Community Arts Education. The convening brings together more than 1,000 arts and community leaders to share their work and strategize around issues of arts education, cultural diversity, emerging leaders, and public art. The conference’s emphasis on “arts as core to community development,” speaks directly to the community-based arts practices we facilitate amongst our youth.

To build on YAX’s robust after school Architecture program, the Artists in Schools grant will support our partnership with John O’Connell High School. The architecture program, led by professional architects, engages youth in designing and building structures and spaces across San Francisco. YAX’s young architects work on real-world projects from concept to construction, working with clients, community organizations, and the city.

Thank you, California Arts Council, for believing in our youth!

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