Welcome new faculty and staff!

Youth Art Exchange boasts a diverse faculty of Professional Artists who live and work in the Bay Area with a passion for engaging and mentoring youth in a shared creative process. The relationship of artist-to-emerging high school artists is at the core of the Youth Art Exchange experience, creating access points to the Bay Area arts community and a broader knowledge of contemporary arts practices.

This Spring, we’re joined by several new faculty and staff! Learn more about them here:

Antoine Hunter
A Bay Area native, Mr. Antoine Hunter is an award-winning African-American Deaf producer, choreographer, film/theater actor, dancer, dance instructor, model, poet, speaker, mentor and Deaf advocate. Mr Hunter received his training in dance and acting training at Skyline High School Oakland, Ca, California Institute of the Arts(CalArts), and Paul Taylor Dance School in NYC. The founder and artistic director of Urban Jazz Dance, Hunter has performed with Savage Jazz Dance Company, Nuba Dance Theater, Alayo Dance Company, Robert Moses’ KIN, Man Dance, Sins Invalid, Amara Tabor-Smith, Kim Epifano, Push Dance Company, Fly Away Productions, Joanna Haigood, OET theater, and the Lorraine Hansberry Theater. He has performed throughout the Bay Area and the world including Cuba, Rome, Hawaii, Peru and London. www.realurbanjazzdance.com

Autumn Swisher

Autumn Rose Swisher received her Bachelor’s of Fine Art degree in Photography from Pacific Northwest College of Art in 2007. She was accepted into the New York Studio Program through Parsons in 2006, spending a semester in New York while interning at the 20×24 Polaroid studio. She is currently a freelance photographer in San Francisco, shooting high end jewelry for companies such as Maya Jewelry, Esqueleto, Fiat Lux, among others and is the head photographer for the Latin American Body Piercing conference in Mexico City and the Association of Professional Body piercers in Las Vegas. www.autumnswisher.com

Brisa Aceves

Brisa Aceves is a San Francisco based film photography enthusiast who works with  35mm, 120 medium format and instant films. By day, Brisa is a veterinary technician, RVT and supervisor at a 24 hour emergency and specialty referral practice here in San Francisco. Brisa is member of the Harvey Milk Photo Center, proud supporter and patron of Rayko Photo Center, and enjoys spending days off in the darkroom or out and about visiting collections one of San Francisco’s many museums.

Kali Gordon

Kali Ren Gordon is a licensed Architect and Social Entrepreneur with a background in Industrial and Visual Communication Design. With an accumulation of seven years professional experience as founder, principal and employee in corporate, medium and small firms across Canada and the U.S, her focus is on Public Interest Design, Social Architecture and Environmental Resilience. Her background brings over 13 years experience studying, practicing, volunteering and living abroad in countries such as Canada, U.S, Mexico, Costa Rica, Italy and Brazil, giving her a broad perspective on the many social complexities facing our world today. She believes whole heartily that design can be used as a powerful tool to make a difference on both a local and global scale.

Olivia Houghton

Olivia Houghton, YAX Fashion Design teaching assistant, is a Textiles major at California College of the Arts with a background in Fashion Design. She has dappled in a variety of mediums and ways of making while volunteering at various artmaking/theater camps and fashion shows in her home of Humboldt County. She is interested in the use of unconventional materials for design purposes and creating projects that are collaborative and bring people’s ideas together. She is excited to use her background and skills to help students fully realize their creative ideas and be a part of the YAX community.


Prescott Reavis is an Oakland based spatial activist, designer, planner and educator who has merged his 20 years of experiences in architecture, planning and education to develop and construct inclusive communities internationally with a focus on cultural design and planning justice. Prescott is accredited in Sustainable Design, certified in Social Economic Environmental Design and has completed all of his Architecture Registration Exams, he earned his Bachelor of Architecture with a minor in Education from Howard University and is currently completing his Masters in Urban Planning from San Jose State University with a focus on involving youth in the planning and design processes. Mr. Reavis is a Project Manager and Community Planner for the nationally recognized, nonprofit Asian Neighborhood Design, in San Francisco where he provides community engagement, planning, design services and advocacy for non-profits, small business and community based organizations as well as linking design with workforce development projects. skibison.wixsite.com/preavis

One thought on “Welcome new faculty and staff!

  1. Hi everyone!
    I truly like the idea of bringing communities together and learn to interact with one another. There are so many talents and creativity surrounding us that we can’t imagine! I would love to connect with your organization, but not sure where I would fit in.
    Please contact me at 415-724-2407. Best, Joy Rose-Inocencio

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