Bon Voyage, Alysha!

We are excited (and sobbing) to announce that Alysha English, YAX Program Manager, will be leaving us after our Summer Session to embark on her next adventure as an Urban Scholar at Harvard University’s Graduate School of Education where she will be studying Arts in Education.

Alysha joined YAX in December 2014 and sprung into action, spearheading our daily program operations, recruitment, outreach, and retention strategies, and Youth Advisory Board. Since then, we’ve grown leaps and bounds, both expanding and deepening our services. Through partnership between Alysha and Director of Programs, Raffaella Falchi, we’ve added 3 in-school classes, additional disciplines to our roster, and have dramatically increased attendance and retention. Our current Youth Advisory Board is our largest yet, with 10 active members providing youth perspective and expertise. She also has provided valuable insight on our strategic initiatives, rebranding, and program development.

Alysha’s vast experience as a performing arts administrator and educator helped to launch this work to grow together. She is a proud alumna of Howard University with a BFA in Theatre Education (with honors!). Since her graduation, she has taught theatre with New York City Department of Education and worked programmatically with various arts organizations throughout the country.  She has also worked as an actress, writer, and producer in the San Francisco Bay Area. Plus, she’s hilarious, generous, and a true advocate for our programs and participants!

We’ll miss you, Alysha! And we wouldn’t have made it this far without you!

Stay tuned for news on the Program Manager position that will begin accepting applications in May for an August 1st start date.

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