Meet Izabella!

Members of our Youth Advisory Board have been interviewing faculty and current and former YAX students to find out what motivates and inspires them, reasons they were drawn to YAX, and how they’re adding some shine to the creative brilliance of local arts & culture.

Meet Izabella, one of YAX’s former percussion interns and current student at Lowell High School, interviewed by Juliana from the Youth Advisory Board:


Juliana: What do you remember first going into the internship?

Izabella: I remember being kind of nervous because I really didn’t know what to expect. But from the very first day, it was just so much fun ‘cause I finally got to bang on drums for five hours… that was really awesome.


Did you have that passion before?

I’ve been playing drums since I was twelve, and so even though I never played percussion, I’ve always been playing with a drum kit. It was pretty cool. [Percussion] was a different experience.


What do you remember the most about the internship?

It was always the performances. It’s like playing in front of an audience and the feedback that they give you it’s really… it’s just awesome. Like they feel your music and then you wanna play more and more. I can see why it’s so addictive to play because the audience is just awesome.


Do you remember the first time you played and how you felt about it?

Well first I was just really nervous ‘cause I’ve never played in front of an audience before. But you just kind of get into it, and it’s really fun. And then, the relationship between the band, too, is nice.


Would you recommend this internship for anybody else?

Yeah, I’d recommend it for anyone, really. If you wanna just have a good time and put in a little bit of hard work into it… it’s definitely worth it. You get to meet other people and to know them and you get to learn about the traditional music of countries that you’ve never really thought much about. You get to learn so much, it’s nice.


What’s one thing that you’ve taken away from this internship?

Shared experiences are so much better than working on your own. You create better art, better music, with other people.

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