Meet Ruby!

Members of our Youth Advisory Board have been interviewing faculty and current and former YAX students to find out what motivates and inspires them, reasons they were drawn to YAX, and how they’re adding some shine to the creative brilliance of local arts & culture.

Meet Ruby, one of YAX’s former architecture students, interviewed by Carmen from the Youth Advisory Board:


CARMEN: What is your name? What school do you go to and what grade are you in?

RUBY: My name is Ruby Nungaray. I am a senior at Balboa High School.

What class did you take before and why did you take it? Was the class experience memorable?

I have taken the architecture class here a few times before. I took it because I heard about it from a friend and it sounded really cool. I have never had the opportunity to take architecture classes before so I decided it would be a good experience. I think the class definitely left a lasting impression on me. The people there were really friendly and kind. I made a lot of good friends there.

What was your proudest achievement at Youth Art Exchange?

My proudest achievement at Youth Art Exchange was my first project in Architecture class. We designed and built a garden pavilion ourselves. I was really proud showing my friends and family my own designs and our progress.

What did you enjoy about Youth Art Exchange?

I really enjoyed having the freedom to express myself here. I would come from a stressful environment at school and I would just unwind and release stress through art. I enjoyed having the ability to have people support my ideas and help me create them. Being around so many creative students helped give off a creative vibe.

Who or what inspires you in your creative process? Why do these forces influence you?

Music definitely inspires me in my creative process. Music is so broad; every beat every instrument, and every couplet from any kind of song emits an emotion. It all comes together to tell a specific story. It helps me think about my own life, and what story I want to tell. Music influences me to express my story and emotions through art.

What is one thing that is interesting about you?

I guess the way I view things. I think about all the different perspectives in a situation or even a piece of art. People just think there’s only one way of looking at something and they quickly judge it. I like to look at the many other angles people can see it.

Do you have any advice to pass on to current and future Youth Art Exchange?

I would recommend all students to attend all the YAX events. They’re really fun and you meet new people. It’s a great experience, don’t miss out on them!

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