SF high school students: apply now for summer internships, get paid for your creativity!

San Francisco youth: have you ever thought about a career in the arts? Or maybe you’re just looking for a fun way to earn some money over the summer while doing something that matters. Through these internships at Youth Art Exchange, you’ll develop real art skills, learn how you can use the arts to have a positive impact in the community, gain job experience and walk away with some cash in your pocket.

The application deadline is May 13, 2015 at 5PM. Apply on our website or stop by our office for a paper application (29 Howth St, between Ocean & Geneva). If you have questions, contact Alysha: 415.574.8137 or alysha@youthartexchange.org

We’re looking for 12 youth to fill positions in each of the following tracks:

Do you want to make an impact in your city? In this internship you will learn tangible design skills including idea creation, drafting, scale, modeling, 3D computer modeling and most importantly construction skills. You will both design and build a street furniture project for the Excelsior neighborhood. You will learn how to take your idea from creation to reality. In this internship, you will work with architects, city planners and community members and you will get an introduction of what it is like to be an architect. By the end of this internship, your built street furniture project will be permanently installed at the Persia Triangle in the heart of the Excelsior neighborhood.

Have you ever taken a hard look at the clothes that you’re wearing? What are they made of? Where did they come from? How is that shirt different than what Marc Jacobs just made? In this internship you will learn tangible design skills such as fashion illustration, pattern drafting, digital textile design, weaving, and garment construction to enhance your knowledge and awareness of the fashion industry.  This internship is designed for students looking to enhance not only their craft of sewing, but for those who are interested in the business ( and sometimes tough realities) of fashion as we visit factories and fashion designers who focus on local, California, production.  This internship can be a great opportunity for those looking to study fashion or textiles, giving you a peak into college-level assignments and critiques, not to mention a fantastic boost to your portfolio.  As an intern, you will have the opportunity to design a small, three-piece, clothing collection.  The culmination of our time together will be illustrated through a full runway show where you will adorn your garments you’ve designed and created!

This summer, we are also collaborating with Geneva Car Barn to offer a  paid Journalism internship, held at City College of San Francisco.  In this internship, you will be focusing on food justice journalism and answering the question:  What role does access to nutrition play in a community? For students with an interest in social justice and civic involvement, this class will teach you the basics of journalism, a crucial practice for advocating and illuminating important causes. Over three weeks, students will receive instruction in data gathering, talking to sources, writing for print, and best practices in journalism. Each student will start with an idea and work in the community to develop a complete story that will be published in the Ingleside-Excelsior Light, a neighborhood newspaper, accompanied by photos from a parallel photojournalism class.

What kind of photographs do we make from an artistic perspective? When we are not shooting for an assignment, or a job, (or for our Instagram profile!), we can fully tap into our creative potential. This internship is geared towards young photographers looking to further explore fine art photography. You will mainly work in black & white photography, shooting film on SLR cameras. You’ll use a professional darkroom to develop your film and print your photographs. As an intern you will meet several artists using photography in different ways and visit museums & galleries and learn from curators what goes into making an exhibition. Along the way you will be introduced to various forms of self-promotion: the artist statement, resume and website. You will learn about the benefits (and drawbacks) to going to arts school, and if necessary, get tips on applying. Overall, you will expand your body of work and leave the program with a cohesive portfolio. The culmination of the program will be a self-created & curated group exhibition at a local arts venue! This internship is open to all public high school students, but prior experience in film photography and the B&W darkroom is strongly preferred. Most importantly, you must be passionate about photography!

When you think of your favorite music or song, you probably think first of the rhythm, the heartbeat that carries through the music. Most often this pulse is driven by the drumbeat, the percussion in the music. Music moves us all, if you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to work as a professional percussionist, you should consider applying to this internship. As a percussion intern, you will gain experience in identifying and understanding different musical genres, their origins and cultural significance (Cuban, Brazilian, American Jazz, Pop Music and more). In this internship, you will get a chance to learn from professional musicians from SFJAZZ. You will learn what it takes to be a professional musician, for example to work as a percussionist/accompanist in different settings, such as for a professional dance class or with other musicians for musical performances and community presentations or demonstrations. You will also learn general care and maintenance of percussion equipment and gain knowledge in how to teach basic percussion.

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